Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), or B2s are touch screen roulette machines found in betting shops across Britain, on which gamblers can play casino style games with £100 maximum stake per spin.

If these easily accessible, high-stake, high-speed, hardcore gaming machines have affected you, a family member or friend, get in touch and take action.

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling wants the maximum stake on FOBTs reduced to £2 spin to bring them in line with all other gaming machines in the UK. It is aiming to gather public support to put pressure on the Government to take action on the “crack cocaine of gambling” – which are available in betting shops on every high street.

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Watch FOBTs being discussed in the House of Commons


Watch from 10 mins 10 seconds to see FOBTs being discussed in the House of Commons on Thursday 16th October 2014.


Samuel Hromei from Collindale has denied threatening to ‘smash’ machines after an alleged betting shop incident


A 32-year-old man has denied threatening to ‘smash’ betting shop machines. Samuel Hromei appeared at Thames Magistrates Court this morning [...]


Alum Rock William Hill CCTV shows moment gambler attacks betting machine with a stool


Police are seeking to identify the man after he lashed out in the William Hill shop in Alum Rock Road [...]

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FOBTs in the News: 11th – 17th October

Just days after businesses, campaigners and Councillors packed up after Party conference season,  the Liberal Democrats backed The Sunday People’s campaign to curb addictive high stakes gaming machines. In a bid to move away from the Conservatives, the party has mirrored the stance of the Stop the FOBTs campaign, stating: “It’s time we dealt with this once and for all and cut the stakes on fixed odds betting terminals to £2.” READ MORE

FOBTs in the news: 4th - 10th October

The Campaign experienced a positive end to its Party Conference season this week, as Lib Dem MP John Leech urged his fellow MPs to back the Campaign for Fairer Gambling’s call to reduce the maximum stake on FOBTs from £100 down to £2. The news was soon picked up by iGaming Business, with the Campaign also releasing a statement in support of the news. The story then went on to make the front page of trade magazine Coinslot. READ MORE