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Our campaign has one clear, simple objective:

Remove high stakes, high speed machine gambling from our high streets by reducing the maximum spin from £100 to £2

We aim to gather evidence of the problems and damage FOBTs cause on our high streets; present this evidence and engage with politicians of all political parties to rally support for the removal of FOBTs and their high stake, high speed, electronic casino games from our high streets.

Who are we?

Derek WebbDerek Webb was a successful poker player, businessman and the inventor of Three Card Poker; a game that is played worldwide on casino tables and is an expert in understanding gambling game content and gambler behaviour.Derek and his partner, Hannah O’Donnell, have retired from commercial activity following an asset sale of their gambling games to a US public company. Derek and Hannah provide funding for the Campaign for Fairer Gambling and the Stop the FOBTs Campaign.


Adrian ParkinsonAdrian Parkinson is a former betting industry insider who has held various senior management positions with national bookmakers. As a Regional Manager he was responsible for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) and was involved in their development from 1999 onwards. His extensive knowledge of the betting industry and in particular FOBTs gives him a unique understanding of the problems associated with them. Adrian turned whistle blower on the bookmaking industry and appeared in Panorama’s Gambling Nation where he lifted the lid on FOBT gambling addiction and violence in betting shops.


Anonymous, FOBT addict since 2005

If you need evidence to back up your evidence that FOBTs are addictive, then I can tell you these machines have worsened my addiction over time.

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