Estimated annual FOBT losses

With even more clusters of betting shops cropping up across the UK, the rise of the FOBTs is rampant. UK punters are currently losing millions to FOBTs every year and the number is steadily increasing with each new year. Under the current legislation, UK betting shops are only permitted to have a maximum of four FOBTs per venue, a fact which has caused many betting shops to ‘cluster’ themselves in one location, often on one high street.

The infographic below details the streets in the UK that have the most betting shops and FOBTs along with the total estimated FOBT losses in that area.

For further evidence of the impacts of FOBTs, take a look at our Evidence Page.

Estimated annual FOBT losses


National PLC manager with over 20 years experience

I've worked in betting shops as a Manager for over twenty years, I used to love the industry, the atmosphere in the shops, my customers, the banter and the laughter. Since  FOBTs were introduced the atmosphere has changed drastically…

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