Govt response to problem gambling has ‘failed spectacularly’

Gamblers are continuing to lose an increasing amount of money on gaming machines, despite a Government crackdown.

The Government aimed to tackle high spending on addictive Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) – known as the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling – which have been closely linked with problem gambling.

The maximum bet that can be placed is £100, and gamblers can stake this every 20 seconds.

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UK Players Continue to Lose Money on FOBTs Despite Regulatory Measures

The amount of money that UK players are spending on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) has considerably increased in spite of all the measures imposed on the industry and operators by the country’s Government.

The fixed-odds betting machines have recently provoked fierce debates and have made competent authorities express their concern related to the eventual negative consequences for customers. The FOBTs provide players with the chance to play various casino games and place a stake of up to £100 every 20 seconds. Both the Government and the regulatory authorities have taken some measures in order to reduce the harm inflicted to players. As part of this crackdown, they officially announced their intentions to minimise the maximum amount that could be placed as a bet on the machines at a time. Despite these measures, the amount lost on FOBTs has rose to £126 million over the past twelve months.

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BACTA attacks FOBTs

The UK government is about to begin consultation on changes to gaming machine stakes and prizes, prompting trade association BACTA to appeal to its members to press their local members of parliament for support.

Chief among its aims is to have the stake reduced on fixed-odds betting terminals, which are commonly found in bookmakers’ shops.

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Seven Gambling Customers Lose £10,000 in a Day on FOBTs, GambleAware Says

Seven UK gambling customers lost over £10,000 in a single day on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) over a researched 10-month period, problem gambling support charity GambleAware said in a recent filing to the Government.

UK MPs are currently conducting a traditional triennial review of the country’s gambling industry. The latest review was announced as one that would be particularly focused on the controversial gaming devices, located in betting shops across the UK.

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Gamblers ‘lost more than £10,000′ on fixed-odds betting terminals

Seven gamblers lost more than £10,000 in a day while using controversial fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) during a 10-month period, it has emerged.

The losses, revealed in a submission to the government’s gambling review by the GambleAware charity, has sparked renewed criticism of FOBTs.

The charity analysed data from betting sessions, including cases where punters bet the maximum allowable amount of £100, which can be staked every 20 seconds under existing regulations.

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Anonymous, Ladbrokes Worker October 2013

As someone who has worked for Ladbrokes as a part-time cashier for nearly 8 years, I agree totally with your recommendations regarding Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, as shop staff see on a daily basis just how toxic these things are. However we rarely get asked for our views.

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